New to the range – egg2 Sunshade

New to the range – egg2 Sunshade
24/06/2021 Amy White

New for 2021 – the egg2 Sunshade

The sunshade is back for egg2! Also fits the original egg, the sunshade protects your baby from harmful UVA & UVB rays (50+).

Available to order from any egg stockist or directly at


Using a sunshade is a personal choice, for some parents it’s not an option, but for others the option of a full coverage accessory is welcomed as sun rays can reflect off buildings, pavements etc.

Used following the instructions in the box, the egg2 sunshade is perfectly safe, ensuring it’s used in a well ventilated area and baby isn’t left unattended.

The material is breathable, you can hold your mouth up to it and breath normally through it. It is air-permeable, unlike other materials which allow heat to build.

The sunshade is also black, because darker fabrics block out more UV rays. Blocking out the sun also creates a darker space for babies to sleep safely in the sun.