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Our range of handy adaptors allow you to use car seats with your egg stroller chassis or to adapt to the growing needs of your family by adding a second seat or using it from birth for twins with two carrycots.

Multi Car Seat Adaptors – £29

These adaptors fit straight onto the chassis and are very easy to use. Compatible with:

Maxi Cosi – Pebble, Pebble Plus, Rock & Cabriofix
Cybex – Aton Q, Cloud Q*, Cloud Z*
BeSafe – iZi Go*
Recaro – Previa* & Zero*
Joie – I Gemm
Nuna – Pipa

NB: *Not suitable in tandem mode

Tandem Adaptors – £50

These adaptors allow you to use your egg stroller for a second child, whether that is an older sibling or to cater for twins.

Lower Multi Car Seat Adaptors – £29

Used in combination with the Tandem Adaptors these allow you to add a second car seat to your egg stroller chassis.

Adjustable Height Adaptors – £29

The unique 2 position adjustable height adaptors increase the height of the carrycot to suit you. Perfect to bring baby closer and easier to lift baby out.